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Cara Mae Skin Care Blog

  • I was interviewed on the Wellness for Makers Podcast!

    Earlier this year, Missy Graff Ballone asked me to be a guest on her brand new podcast, Wellness for Makers. I really enjoyed our conversation and found myself talking about aspects of my business and creative process that I hadn't talked about before. 
  • Potters’ Skin Butter Featured Artist: Sarah Wells Rolland

    I am excited to present our very first Potters’ Skin Butter Featured Artist – Sarah Wells Rolland, founder of The Village Potters. This interview i...
  • Once in a Blue Moon- The Story of Our Water

      One late summer afternoon, after rafting the French Broad River, my partner Michelle and I were chatting over beer and snacks with our newfound f...
  • Why We Need to Embrace the Word Selfish: Part 2

    I hope you enjoyed Why We Need to Embrace the Word Selfish: Part 1. As promised, I am back with Part 2 of the series, including 10 Radical Ways We ...
  • Why We Need to Embrace the Word Selfish: Part 1

    I have a theory- that the most creatively giving souls, the happiest, most freedom-seeking spirits, and the bravest trailblazers in society are pre...
  • Potters’ Skin Butter Featured Artist: Lori Theriault

    Meet Lori Theriault, a free-spirited professional potter with a love of making food and pottery by hand and sharing the wealth with her community. This interview is the second in a series featuring accomplished and inspiring ceramic artists.