Pottery by Cara

Next Online Pottery Release:
Will be 2024, so we can focus on lotion for the holiday season.
If you’d like something specific before then, please message me! I do have some pieces available. Or visit me in person at my Asheville studio, Second Story Potters (details below). 

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Cara at pottery show selling cups. platters, mugs

I have been in the clay community since 2004 as the maker of Potters’ Skin Butter lotion, but I am in the first years of showing and selling my own pottery. I look forward to sharing it with you! 

Visit My Studio: 

Come see me and my work at Second Story Potters in Asheville’s famous River Arts District.
Second Story Potters is located in Riverview Station at 191 Lyman Street, Suite 326, Asheville, NC (upstairs from Art Garden AVL- look them up if using google maps).

Come say hi! Our hours vary, so to be sure to see me, send me a text at 828-280-5659 or email me and I’ll arrange to meet you there!

Pottery Shows: 

See my pottery on Instagram: 

Artist Statement:

I am delighted to create and bring high-fired functional pottery and alternative-fired decorative works into the world, where they can be held, used, and enjoyed daily.

It is the juxtaposition of beauty and function that fascinates me. While someone could simply buy a cup or a decorative vase at a big-box store, they instead choose an object formed by my hand.

Choosing handmade over manufactured is the difference between walking along a street for exercise, and taking a stroll in the woods, where the senses are enveloped by green, scent of earth, and feel of soil underfoot. By holding, using, and displaying a handmade object, one brings a spark of magic into their life.

I am honored to get to be part of bringing magic into people’s lives. There is a rich community here in Western North Carolina that dedicates itself to creating this kind of beauty married with form and function, and it is my dream to contribute my voice to that community. 

I hope that my pots bring you joy!

:) Cara