What Potters' Skin Butter users are saying...

Tracie Hervy Ceramics

Excerpt from Harper's Bazaar May 2021 interview with Ariana Marsh:
" 'I wash my hands 10 times a day or more, and if I'm working with clay that has grog in it, it's brutal.' For relief, Hervy turns to Cara Mae's [Potters'] Skin Butter. 'It's moisture that lasts. You can use a little, and it's not greasy or oily -- it feels like your hands should feel.' "

-Tracie Hervy of Long Island City Queens  https://www.tracie-hervy-ceramics.com 



John Britt Portrait

"As you can probably assume, I'm not much of a skin care guy, but I got this cream from a potter in my class last weekend and it's actually awesome. I'm not making any money off of this either just so you know... it's just really great stuff."

-John Britt of Bakersville, NC, Glaze workshop presenter, potter, and author of several best selling glaze books https://johnbrittpottery.com/ 



Sarah Wells Rolland Potter and Educator Portrait

"Being a full time potter I use skin lotions every day. Since discovering Cara Mae Potters' Skin Butter I no longer need to buy lotions in super large bottles.  Just the smallest amount of Cara Mae Potters' Skin Butter has amazing results. We consistently sell Cara Mae Potters' Skin Butter both to potters and our customers. As one who has been using and selling this product for years I highly recommend it."

-Sarah Wells Rolland, potter and owner of The Village Potters in Asheville, NC, thevillagepotters.com


"Yessssss always telling EVERYONE about your product. It’s literally the only thing that works for me EVER."

-Didem Mert, potter and Education Director at Clay By the Bay San Franciscohttp://www.didemmert.com/


"My lotion just came and I'm in love. This stuff is amazing! It's super hydrating even if you're not a potter."

-Ashley Havy at PashleyPottery.com


"This is THE best skin care product on the market!! Been buying it since I first found it at Highwater Clays in 2010." 

-Kathryn W. of Milton, Delaware


"I keep a jar of Tangerine in purse at all times! It's my favorite whether it's when I have been working with clay or just whenever my hands feel dry. It smells so happy and always lifts my spirits while it helps my super dry hands so they don't get painful cracks and redness. Sensitive skin was a constant battle working in clay until I found this lotion. It's the best!"

-Denise Muckleroy, potter and owner of of Happy Turtle Kiln Arts in Flower Mound, TX


"From the very first time I tried it I was hooked! I love this stuff and thank you for putting so much care into creating such an amazing cream."

-Zeenath Abplanalp of Charlotte, NC

"I’m obsessed! Taking some to Australia to share with my family."

-Charlotte Tate of Duluth, GA, ceramic artist http://charlottetate.net/

"It's one of the few lotions I've found that get my hands to stop cracking, peeling and itching after a long day of hand-building with clay. "

-Mallory Rose, potter and employee at Mudfire Pottery in Atlanta, GA, www.mudfire.com

"Seriously, your Potters' Skin Butter has cured my dry hands...CURED, I tell you!"

-Caitlin Brooks Craig of Asheville, NC


"I am so obsessed with your lotion! It's truly the best hydrating lotion I've found and it smells so heavenly!'

-Karley Hoffman of twistedpinepottery.com

"My hands have always been really dry, especially in the winter, and your lotion is like magic. I've gone through three tubs in the past year and I've ordered more for me as well as for holiday gifts."

-Jillian White of Tallahassee, FL

"This all-around lotion is fast becoming one of my most used products in my daily beauty routine. It's non-greasy but extremely moisturizing; I have very dry skin (especially in the harsh Midwest winters), and it's a struggle to find an affordable body lotion that doesn't dry my skin out more or need to be reapplied every few hours."

(Read the full review here.)

-Amanda Cuddeford, blogger and beauty-product reviewer in Nebraska, ihaveaboxproblem.blogspot.com


"Potter’s Skin Butter is my favorite part of my bedtime - just a small bit helps the skin on my hands recover overnight, and the lavender scent is very comforting at bedtime."

-Kari R. of Asheville, NC

"I just have to say I love Cara Mae Potters' Skin Butter! My favorite scent is lavender and it's the only lotion I'll use on my face. Also my son Atticus is two and a half months old and this is the only lotion I'll use on his sensitive body after a bath. He enjoys it as much as his mommy does! Thank you Cara!"

-Natalie Hewitt of Asheville, NC, also the current record-holder of using up a 4oz jar in 2 weeks flat!

"People always ask me what I use on my hands. Potters' Skin Butter is fantastic and is designed specifically for potters who have their hands in water and glazes. It heals and soothes after a long days work. You will love the fresh herb aromas and the way it softens your hands!"

-Dede Eckels, potter and owner of Eckels Pottery & Fine Craft Gallery in Bayfield, WI, eckelspottery.com


"It's really the only thing that works!"

-Gail Tipton of Vinyard Haven, MA, Sculptor and former potter

"This stuff was designed for potters, and is great for anyone who suffers from dry skin or works with their hands. When you rub it into your hands, it feels like putting on invisible silk gloves- no grease, just this instantly-hydrating, magical layer of protection. This is a gift I would give to everyone on my list- the unscented version is perfect for guys and the lavender and tangerine are divine. Where else can you get a lotion that contains no junk, and that's mixed in small batches by exceptionally kind, creative people who infuse it with their sparkling energy? Do it!"

-Adrienne Lynch, ceramic sculptor and writer in New Mexico


"Potters' Skin Butter is the best lotion I've used after a day working with building materials. It moisturizes my hands, keeps them from cracking, and doesn't leave them greasy!"

-Karen George, Owner of Build Like a Bird Natural Building, www.buildlikeabird.org in Asheville, NC

"Potters' Skin Butter flies off the shelves at Makeup at the Grove Arcade! I love the Tangerine."

-Scott Thompson, co-owner of Makeup at the Grove Arcade, www.makeupatga.com, & co-founder of Serenity + Scott, http://shop.serenityscottbeauty.com

"My husband and I love Potter's Skin Butter! My parents gave a jar to my husband for Christmas. Awesome stuff. We're farmers and have truly nasty hands in the winter...the skin butter has been terrific for softening and easing cracked fingers."

-Kathy Baker, farmer in Virginia

"When using Cara Mia Naturals lotion after work each day as a stone mason/landscaper, my skin feels replenished and ready for the next days work. I highly recommend this product for anybody."

-John Nichols, stone mason and landscaper in Black Mountain, North Carolina

"My hands are doing amazing since being back on the hand cream.. they don't blister anymore from being allergic to shampoo since I'm a hairdresser and they aren't cracked anymore.. thank you!!"

-Candace Hicks, stylist at Dolce Vita Salon in Greensboro, NC

"This lotion is amazing. I used Potters’ Skin Butter to help my hands heal up after bouldering in Rumbling Bald, NC...worked magically. I recommend this lotion to everyone."

-Russell Clark, rock climber and outdoor educator in California

"I have to share a huge, huge rave for Potters' Skin Butter from Cara Mae Skin Care. It arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time, too, since we'd finished pulling weeds and our hands were a mess. Thicker than a lotion, thinner than a cream, it's just right for moisturizing my hands, leaving them soft and not greasy at all. And it's full of wonderful ingredients. If you have dry skin, please check it out!"

-Emma Youngdale, gardener and photographer in Arizona

"I'm an RN, and the fact that your cream is not greasy but keeps moisturizing despite repeated handwashing caught my attention.  I didn't have the opportunity to get up to Asheville, so I ordered a jar of your skin butter online, and I have to tell you it is wonderful! I'm enjoying the gentle fragrance, and the rich, emollient feel of the cream."

-Patty Vint, Registered Nurse in Hendersonville, NC

"It is the best hand cream, and it does last a long time."

-Piper Parker, Habitat for Humanity scheduling coordinator in Asheville, NC

"I am really enjoying the lotion and I especially like how it doesn't linger on the skin and isn't greasy."

-Pamela Lalik, chef in Asheville, NC

"Potters' Skin Butter lotion worked really well for me!  I used it on my hands, and even on my heels, and it performed wonderfully.  It "soaks" in quickly, and really does last after several hand washings. (I'm a teacher, and our school uses some pretty tough soap in the bathrooms, so when I was my hands, the soap really isn't friendly to my skin!)"

-Martha Morton, teacher in Jacksonville, NC


"I absolutely enjoy the Potter's Skin Butter. I have used many products over the years and finally found one that I love & works. I'm a nurse & constantly washing my hands at home & work & suffering with dry chapped & cracked skin & hands. Your Potter's cream healed them overnight & was so soothing & comforting. What an amazing product. Won't use anything else. Thanks. Please everyone, tell your friends & save time by looking no further for any other creams & lotions. This one is a winner & works."

-Anna Marie Alcott, nurse in in New Jersey